Turn Your Challenges To Your Greatest Triumphs

Nicole Zornitzer – How She Overcame Abuse & Trauma with the Mind-Body Connection

Breathing is perhaps the most fundamental human act. And yet, it’s so easy to take it – and the power it imparts – for granted. This episode features yoga therapist Nicole of Niyama Yoga Studio discussing her path from Challenge 2 Triumph and how she discovered a way to connect to the universe. Though she…
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Geo Derice – From Broke, Depressed, and Lost to Finding Purpose and Inspiring Others

   Time and time again, we see that one of the essential parts of turning Challenge 2 Triumph is understanding and changing your perspective. Doing this requires giving yourself the space to re-evaluate yourself and your live, the ability to make mistakes and fall down, and the push to modify your viewpoint. This is…
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Chris Marco Flores – Military-Grade Strength as a Mindset

In today’s C2T episode, we meet personal trainer and wellness enthusiast Chris Marco Flores, and learn about his journey to empowerment in the face of addiction and depression. Raised in England with dual US citizenship, Chris left school at the age of 16 with no sense of direction or purpose in his life. Needing something…
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Prudence beats stage 4 cancer…NATURALLY

  28 years ago Prue was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma and given only 6 months to live. Instead of dying she got educated and learned how to participate in her whole health and life. Prue holds gained diplomas in Metabolic and Anti- inflammatory Nutrition, along with studies in raw organic plant-based nutrition and…
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Greg’s interview with Ann Louise Gittleman- Best selling nutrition author

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The C2T Show 1: Introduction to The Challenge 2 Triumph Podcast Show

A brief intro to what the Challenge 2 Triumph Podcast is all about!

The Cost Of Going Organic VS Non Organic

Why buy organic and grass fed?   Do you think everything we put in our body affects our bottom line health? Things like: chemicals, preservatives, food coloring, hydrated oils…   You better believe it does.   And do you think everything that goes into the animals we eat affects our overall health? Like antibiotics, hormones and…
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The menopause solution for your body & what you can do next…

  As a woman, the period of time of menopause can be troubling and confusing when it comes to losing weight and re-gaining your youthful energy.   Here’s the thing that you need to understand with menopause. Once you cross the menopause period and your estrogen and progesterone levels begin to fall, that changes the way…
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‘Leaky Gut’ & Poor Digestion Is Causing Many Of Our Health Problems

If food is the source of sustained life, then your digestive system is the gatekeeper to good health.   The GI system, which is digestion and absorption of your food, and of course, your detoxification as well, is something entirely forgotten.   In the last 50 years, our bodies have been extremely stressed by the…
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The Sugar Epidemic: Why Sugar Is Almost As Detrimental To Our Health and Society As Drugs.

“Why I’m Kicking Sugar Cold Turkey”   Can sugar be as addicting as cocaine?  Because from what I can see, high levels of sugar can act like cocaine The other day I was in Dunkin Donuts getting a medium coffee, I brought my own packet of raw stevia by the way.  What I witnessed was…
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