Chris Marco Flores – Military-Grade Strength as a Mindset

Turn Your Challenges To Your Greatest Triumphs

Chris Marco Flores – Military-Grade Strength as a Mindset

In today’s C2T episode, we meet personal trainer and wellness enthusiast Chris Marco Flores, and learn about his journey to empowerment in the face of addiction and depression.

Raised in England with dual US citizenship, Chris left school at the age of 16 with no sense of direction or purpose in his life. Needing something to do, he joined the British Army with some of his friends, where he endured one of the most grueling boot camps in the world. His class of 50 was whittled down to just 17, with a focus on individual training unlike any other. After three years of service, he left hoping to make good money in construction, but he found himself missing the military life and ended up re-enlisting, now in the US Army. This time around, he had his mind set on a military career.

That is, until a DUI overturned his plans and left him directionless once again. He got booted and made his way back to England.

His return was marked by spiraling depression, financial problems, and alcoholism. Every weekend night he would drink to the point of blacking out, trying to suppress his worries, only to have them reappear – worsened – come Monday morning. He didn’t know how to feel good about himself or any aspect of his life, and it was damaging even his most cherished personal relationships.

Here it occurred to Chris that the feeling of fitness – to him, the greatest feeling in the world – might help. One morning, after a Christmas party gone horribly wrong and ending in a massive brawl, he decided to stop drinking for a year. He focused on the one thing he still had, which was fitness, and it changed his mindset. This is when he started to realize that all of his unhappiness was his fault, and that the power of change was with him.

Fast forward a few years, and Chris has found his direction and purpose. He now uses his experiences to create a wellness program that combines weight loss with personal and military training.

Listen in and learn more about how he got here, as well as the major impact he’s now having helping others – who otherwise feel stuck and trapped in their own lives – chart their course. When Chris found his way from Challenge 2 Triumph, he discovered that he could also light the path for others.

Chris Marco Flores